About Me


Who Am I?

I’m Andrea. I’m about halfway into 30/90, and if you know what that means, more power to you. I’m a New Yorker (does that whole “lived here for 10 years” make you one officially? I say so). I’m a queer Jewish female who likes Broadway, superheroes/superhero movies, comics, pop culture/geek culture, coffee, wine, books,  and running. Sometimes glasses, sometimes not. I like to be unpredictable.

What’s My Profession?

I’m a writer (personally). Watch this space for very fun news about a special project coming soon!

I’m a writer (professionally). I used to work for Entertainment Weekly, where I wrote about comics, movies and television. You can find my writing in magazines and around the Internet.

I’m currently working for Marvel. Yes, it’s just as cool as you can imagine, and no, I can’t give you an office tour. 

What Am I Passionate About?

Queer rights, Jewish culture, theater and the arts, women’s rights, representation in all forms (but especially when it comes to ladies), writing and writers in general, geek culture, superheroes, comics.

What Is This Blog?

A little bit of everything. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes fun, rarely political. I like to share happy things and sad things and hard things. I’m candid about the struggles of my life, and I share in the hopes of making everyone feel like they can be a little more accepting of themselves.


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