critical role


This show has been one of the things that has saved me over the past few weeks, and my biggest regret is that I didn’t find it last year when I was unemployed and going through my lowest points of depression, because it probably would have saved me a lot sooner. It’s my own fault, really.

But I did find it eventually, and it didn’t take long to get obsessed with it — the show, the characters, the story. I couldn’t ignore how it made me feel and what it started to mean to me, and I decided to do the only thing I could do to explain myself: write.

Because I’ve kind of graduated from the journalist lifestyle with my current job (even though I’m still freelancing on the side for a few anchor projects, yay money) I didn’t know where to put this. I didn’t really want to put it on my personal blog because I felt like it deserved its own separate platform. I pitched a few places I had contacts at, and they seemed interested, but nothing really happened or it was implied that posting it somewhere would take awhile. So I posted it on my Medium account, which was not where I had actually wanted to post it, but it was the only place that worked.

The response that followed was something I couldn’t imagine. Aside from the actors themselves picking it up and sharing it and reading it (something that awes me, in a grateful way), dozens and dozens and dozens of fans came out of the woodwork on Twitter to tell me how much of themselves they saw in this piece. The piece was supposed to be a thank you to the beautiful cast of Critical Role, but people were thanking ME for writing it and putting their feelings into words.

Maybe Critters just really are the best community ever, maybe what I wrote was better than I thought it was (we’re all our own worst critics when it comes to our talents.) But if I had to reminded that I’m not alone, Critical Role has done that in more ways than one.

And you can read it here:


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